How we got to where we are today.

Kent Young has worked in the affordable housing business since 1971. In 1971 he opened and managed the first 236 project in Kansas City and since then has added section 8 elderly and family complexes as well as LIHTC properties to his portfolio. From 1975 to 2001 he was Young Management Company's President and from 2001 onward he has served on their Board of Directors. In 2001 he took over sole ownership of KCD Investments Inc., which manages HUD section 8, HUD section 236, and LIHTC properties. In 2010 he started New Jersey Properties LLC (NJP), which specializes in larger inner city HUD subsidy and LIHTC complexes.

KCD and NJP specialize in financially distressed complexes that have been red flagged or have a poor record due to failed management reviews or failed REAC inspections. They have never failed a REAC Inspection nor have they received less than a satisfactory rating in any MOR. They have a history of taking over complexes that are financially distressed, have failed REAC inspections or MORs, SAIL inspections, etc., responding to those inspections, and raising their scores to passing and satisfactory for the next REAC or MOR. They also specialize in LIHTC lease up, maintaining initial certification files, and LIHTC inspections.

They have qualified staff that works specifically with HUD and LIHTC compliance to close out inspections by all deadlines, making sure best practices are in place for all levels of compliance. They have years of experience with preparing for all MORs, REACs, and LIHTC inspections, writing policies and procedures, helping on-site staff implement HUD and LIHTC required policies and procedures, and maintaining mandatory software systems (i.e. WASS and EIV). The property supervisors attend training workshops throughout the year and are updated on all new policies and changes.

KCD and NJP coordinate with the State Agencies and local HUD offices working directly with them in order to assure continued compliance. They cultivate and maintain excellent relationships with the local HUD offices and State Agencies.

They manage complexes in several states including 610 section 8 and LIHTC units in Newark, New Jersey. The corporate office is in Florida with branch offices in Newark, NJ and Hutchinson, KS.