Our executive team.

Kent Young
KCD Investments & NJP
Kent Young has worked in the affordable housing business since 1971.  In 1971 he developed and managed the first 236 project in Kansas City and since then has added section 8 elderly and family complexes, as well as LIHTC properties, to his portfolio.    From 1975 to 2001 he was Young Management Company's President and continues to serve on YMC’s Board of Directors.

 Kent Young currently owns and manages thirteen properties (twelve in the YMC portfolio, one in the KCD portfolio), all of which are either property based section 8, or both LIHTC and property based section 8.

 In 2001 he took over sole ownership of KCD Investments Inc., which manages HUD section 8, HUD section 236, and LIHTC properties.  In 2010 he started New Jersey Properties LLC (NJP), which specializes in larger inner city HUD subsidy and LIHTC complexes. He is the President of both KCD and NJP as well as serving on the board of directors for Young Management Company.
Andrew Swinkoski
Vice President of Operations
KCD Investments & NJP
Andrew Swinkoski has been involved in affordable housing since 2006 starting off in leasing and working his way up throughout the years. He specializes in distressed affordable housing, budget forecasting and Human Resources.  Andrew became an ARM through the Institute of Real Estate Management in 2009 and has his first article published titled "Bridging the Gap" in 2012 for the Journal of Property Management, and is a CPM Candidate. He currently serves as the Vice President of Operations for KCD Investments and the CEO of NJP. He has direct oversight of our portfolio's performance.
Heather Ventura
Vice President of Compliance
KCD Investments
Heather Ventura has worked in affordable property management since 1999 specializing in HUD Multifamily Section 8, 236, and LIHTC lease-up compliance.  For the past 11 years she has worked with KCD Investments Inc. as a compliance manager.  Responsibilities include writing policy, updating operations books as housing regulations change, training staff in new regulations and policies, closing out MOR's, closing out Tax Credit Audits, correcting 8823s, processing required paperwork to add properties to the KCD portfolio, and conducting in-house audits of tenant files for compliance.  Heather is the 504 Coordinator for KCD.
Lesa Jackson
Director of Compliance
KCD Investments
Lesa Jackson has worked for 11 years for KCD Investments Inc. as a property manager, Regional Manager, TRACS Specialists, and Compliance Director.  Responsibilities include conducting in-house tenant file audits for compliance, submitting the HAPs and RAP for all KCD properties, correcting TRACS errors, training staff, preparing properties for REAC Inspections, preparing Rent Increases, monitoring annual recertifications for all properties to ensure they are completed in a timely fashion, working closely with Heather and managers to close out MOR's, Tax Credit Audits, and correct 8823s.  Lesa is COS and HCCP certified.